Spring Weather Accessories!

Apr 23rd 2019

Spring weather is here! That means more outdoor activities and more road trips for most of us. Read about some of the best spring weather accessories below! 

Rain Guards

Rain guards allow fresh air in while keeping rain out! Rain guards also help fight glare and reduce wind noise. They provide your vehicle with a sporty appearance and a more aerodynamic feel. Shop all Volkswagen Rain Guards here >>https://bit.ly/2IS0xSE

Floor Mats & Cargo Trays

Floor mats and cargo trays protect the carpeting in your vehicle from rain, snow, mud, and anything else that can ruin your vehicle's flooring! Floor mats and cargo trays come in rubber, carpet and WeatherTech options! Shop floor mats here > https://bit.ly/2VfzffP View cargo trays here > https://bit.ly/2UTk6Bq


Roof Racks & Attachments

The Volkswagen Cross Bars we offer allow you to travel with items that you don't always have room for in your vehicle. Items like bikes, kayaks, canoes, skis and cargo boxes are perfect for roof racks and attachments. View all of our roof racks and attachments here >https://bit.ly/2VmqwbF