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2016 VW Passat Interior Accessories like the VW Passat Ash Cup is available here in this section of VW Accessories ShopVolkswagen Accessories Shop is an authorized VW dealer and your one stop shop for all of your Volkswagen Passat Accessories and Parts needs! Order today to experience the VW Accessories Shop difference!

  • 2012-2019 VW Passat Sun Shade (H032)

    VW Passat Sun Shade (H032) The 2012-2019 Vw Passat Sun Shade is designed to keep your car cool and protect the panels of your car from the damages of the sun! Ever wonder why there is some discoloration or wear on the dashboard or panels of...

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  • VW Passat Sport Pedals VW Passat Sport Pedals - Manual Transmission

    2006-2019 VW Passat Sport Pedals (H027)

    VW Passat Sport Pedals  A beautiful way to upgrade your interior, the Volkswagen Passat Sport Pedal Covers create a custom, sporty touch to your car! The 2006-2019 VW Passat Sport Pedal Covers include the brake and accelerator for...

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  • VW Passat Door Sill Plates

    2012-2016 VW Passat Door Sill Plates (H010)

    VW Passat Door Sill Plates (H010) The Volkswagen Passat Door Sill Plates are a stylish way to add a custom-look to your car while protecting the inner trim from being damaged from scuffs, scratches and paint chippings! The VW Passat Door Sill...

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  • VW Passat Ashtray Cup

    2012-2019 VW Passat Ashtray Cup (H028)

    VW Passat Ashtray Cup (H028) The Volkswagen Passat Ashtray Cup is an easy insert item and is ideal for smokers or people who toss change into their cup holders! The VW Passat Coin Cup is easily removed for cleaning and...

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